Hi, I’m


writer, storyteller, editor, culinary moxie

Cookbook Whisperer

I’ve been called both a Cookbook Whisperer and a Storytelling Doula because I help first-time writers and busy entrepreneurs birth their stories onto the page.

“Meesha Halm brings a refreshing depth, aptitude, and knowledge to all food and restaurant-centric ventures. Meesha’s culinary point of view, steeped in multicultural wisdom, delivers a wealth of resources to all of her professional endeavors; whether they are conceptual, editorial, or pure journalism, her skills add breadth and dimension, layering on astute ability in all acute areas needed to get a project complete. She’s a project whisperer, of sorts, in all the ways you’ll need her to be.”

–Gayle Pirie, restaurateur and co-author of The Foreign Cinema Cookbook