Free-Range Writing Circles

What is Free-Range Writing?

Free-Range Writing is a transformative timed writing process that we use to uncover the stories we yearn to tell and a way to make meaning out of our lives. It is inspired by the Wild Writing ™  practice created and taught by my dear friend and writing instructor, Laurie Wagner of 27 Powers.

In Free-Range Writing Circles, we write as fast as we can, for 15 minutes, pen never leaving the page. By writing so quickly, we are able to push past our inner critic, our ego, and all the ways we stay trapped when we’re trying too hard to look or sound good. With permission to write as poorly as possible, our bellies hanging over our pants, we’re able to say “yes” to the words and stories coming through us.

The practice is simple but the magic that happens when we gather is anything but. There is no judgment. No critiques. We simply write, share, and bear witness to others as they courageously do the same. As my friend Angela aptly puts it, there is no pressure to write well, though we may end up writing ourselves well.

Classes are for anyone, whether you’re a novice or published your third book. The practice is extremely therapeutic and can be a powerful practice for anyone facing an illness or difficult challenge, which is why wild writing classes are often taught in medical settings. They’re also a fantastic way to jumpstart any writing project because the practice can help you peel back the layers and get to the meat of what you are trying to say. And if you’re simply yearning to be part of an intentional community that values honesty and authenticity during these crazy, uneasy times, these writing circles are for you.

Free-Range Writing Classes and Healing Circles are small by design. Like witches in a coven mixing a brew, we gather (in person or online), each of us bringing our own unique ingredients to the cauldron. Our lives. Our stories, Our grief. Our hopes. We can’t mix the brew without you. Will you join us?



As I finish up my Wild Writing Teacher Training, I will be offering two complimentary 4-week writing circles to give you a taste of what the practice entails.   

4-week Free-Range Writing Healing Circle for patients and survivors (Mondays 11 am-1 pm PST) May 2-May 20

This class follows the same model as regular writing circles but is designed specifically for anyone currently or previously dealing with a personal illness. Come find your tribe and write yourself well.

4-week Free-Range Writing Circle (Fridays 11 am-1 pm PST) May 6-May 27

All sessions are 1 1/2 hours long. Spots are limited. If you’re interested in participating in one of the upcoming sessions (or forming an evening class), email me at

Let’s get wild together!